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Your Church is Too Safe, with Mark Buchanan

OnWord Conference with Mark BuchananPopular author and speaker Mark Buchanan is the featured speaker at the fourth annual onWORD Conference. Speaking on the theme of his most recent book, Mark will challenge us to be willing to risk more. In three main sessions over two days, he will speak about Jesus as the Holy Dangerous One. Other speakers will expand further on this theme with a series of practical, Bible-based breakout sessions.

MAIN SESSIONS, with Mark Buchanan

  • Holy: Being Like Jesus
  • Dangerous: Being Those Who Turn the World Upside Down (Acts 16:10-17:7)
  • One: Being a Church that Overcomes the World (John 17)

Saturday Breakout Sessions (attend two sessions, included in your Registration Fee)

  • Jon Bauer: The Heart of a Worshiper
    Is our worship really as it should be: the act of presenting our “bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God?” What does scripture say about being a worshiper, 24/7? Join Jon as he shares from his experience as a worship leader and songwriter how being a worshipper means becoming someone with a servant's heart. Jon Bauer is an an award-winning recording artist from the Edmonton area, and a Taylor alumnus (NABC).
  • Dr. Randal Rauser: What on Earth Do We Know About Heaven?
    Is our view of heaven “too safe”? A biblical understanding of eternity as the redemption of heaven and earth completely flips the idea of an 'other-worldly place' on its head. Dr. Rauser explores heaven—not as a radically discontinuous state in the future, but rather as God saving the creation he made and declared good. How can this view transform how we do church, how we evangelize, or how we care for creation? Dr. Randal Rauser teaches theology at Taylor Seminary, and a prolific writer and blogger.
  • Dr. Keir Hammer: Challenged by Parables?
    Has our reading of parables become “safe”? When you read a parable, how do you respond? Which types of characters do you like and which ones do you dislike? Do certain parables challenge your behaviour? Do they remind you of well-known truths? Do they make you angry? Do they make you smile? This session will explore a few well-known parables and challenge the common understanding of what they mean. Dr. Keir Hammer is the Director of White Cross (Canada), and a New Testament scholar.
  • Dr. Syd Page: In The Footsteps 
    Removed by 10,000 km and 2,000 years, sometimes our Bible reading can be a sanitized experience that fails to capture the drama provided by its context. Having recently returned from a visit to the Holy Land, Dr. Syd Page will combine a visual experience with the written word – a session that may forever change the way you read the scriptures. Dr. Syd Page is Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at Taylor Seminary.
  • Dr. David Williams: The Sermon on the Mount: Not Safe but Good
    The most common ways of interpreting the Sermon on the Mount make something 'safe' out of what is arguably Jesus' most important teaching about living faithfully to God's kingdom. Dr. Williams will challenge you to view this life-changing sermon in transforming—and practical—ways. Dr. David Williams is President of Taylor College and Seminary, and director of the Wahl Centre at Taylor.
  • Pastor Darren Platt: Doers of the Word
    If your church is 'too safe,' what can it do? James tells us, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” Steele Heights is one example of a church that has embraced this message and, in so doing, has extended their mission far beyond the doors of their church. In the process they have seen the health of their own church members improve as they seek to help others. Join Pastor Darren as he shares their journey and some practical ways to be 'doers of the word.’

    Darren Platt is the senior pastor at Steele Heights, and is an alumnus of Taylor Seminary.



September 27-28, 2013

Steele Heights Baptist Church
5812 149 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB 

Individual -- $49.99
Groups of 10 or more -- $44.99 per person



6:15 – Registration
7:00 - 8:30 – Main Session #1, Holy: Being Like Jesus (Mark Buchanan)


8:30 Registration
9:00 – Main Session #2, Dangerous: Being Those Who Turn the World Upside Down (Mark Buchanan)
10:30 Break
10:45 – Breakout Sessions (choose onsite, see options above)

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Breakout Sessions (choose onsite, see options above)
2:15 – Break 
2:30 – Main Session #3, One: Being a Church that Overcomes the World (Mark Buchanan)
3:30 - Conference End

Worship Leader - Jon Bauer


About onWORD

A "journey through scripture," onWord is intended to help participants grow in their discovery and love of scripture while becoming more familiar with the people, stories and themes it contains. Participants will often engage with scripture through a variety of experiences, including dramatic and visual arts, and music.  This is the fourth annual onWORD Conference.


About Steel Heights Baptist Church

Steele Heights Baptist Church is known for its extraordinary community outreach programs, especially with youth.  Located in North East Edmonton, Steele Heights embraces opportunities to serve a growing and diverse area of the city.  Senior Pastor Darren Platt serves as host and one of the key organizers of this year's conference, he is an alumnus of Taylor.