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As the New Year began, we invited church leaders to share with us the gist of their "New Year's sermon," or the theme that will be emphasized in each church in the months ahead. The results have been compiled into an e-book that we hope you'll find interesting. (UPDATE: our most recent contributor is Steve Bell -- see page 15.)

We received sermon or blog summaries from numerous pastors and church leaders, and we continue to welcome your input (this e-book can be easily updated if new content is submitted. "the word in 2010" is yours to enjoy: feel free to save it, print it and share it. All we ask is that this book be shared without alteration or editing (see the copyright notice on the back cover).

Click on the cover to begin reading (right-click to save).



Thank you to each contributing writer! And be sure to be part of a larger compilation when we'll do the same thing for 2011!