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A team of five students, accompanied by Academic Dean Joost Pikkert, has left Edmonton for the Middle East. The team is spending two weeks working with Christian Peacemaker Teams International to advocate for the protection of human rights. The students will be documenting stories of human rights violations, will offer a witness to peace and reconciliation from a Christian perspective, meet with community leaders to nurture non-violent protest, and to provide an international presence in troubled areas.

As Pikkert wrote in a letter to friends and supporters before leaving:

Taylor students will also be working with long-time missionaries from Christian Peacemaker Teams International to listen, record, document and share the stories of the abused in Israel and Palestine.  This research in turn will be used by Christian Peacemaker Teams to educate and pressure politicians to ensure that minority groups in Israel/Palestine are aren’t overlooked and that minority human rights are protected along with the majority populations.

The team is providing updates on their trip, and you can read more on the team blog here.

Read more about the reasons behind this effort with Christian Peacemaker Teams International here.