Graduate Certificate Programs

Certificate programs at Taylor Seminary are designed for students/graduates who desire greater depth or a specialized focus.  Each certificate program may be taken concurrently with the requisite degree or taken after such degree has been completed.  Each is designed around specialized courses or experiences (all courses may not be offered every year).

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE in Biblical Exposition

This certificate is designed for those who intend to serve as pastors who will have regular preaching responsibilities and those who intend to go on to further studies in Bible and Theology. 

In addition to the requirements in the MDiv program, students who enroll in this certificate must complete a further 12 credits:  9 credits in Bible (courses with titles beginning with BI, NT, or OT) and 3 credits in Preaching.  The 9 credits in Bible must include 3 credits in either Greek Exegesis or Hebrew Exegesis.  Six credits in Introductory Hebrew are required as a prerequisite to Hebrew Exegesis, and 6 credits in Introductory Greek, as a prerequisite to Greek Exegesis. 

Ideally, students should complete a 6-credit introduction to one of the Biblical languages in their undergraduate program.  Those who have not done so may transfer a 6-credit introductory language course into the Certificate in Biblical Exposition, and this will be applied to the 9 credits required in Bible.

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE in Intercultural Studies

This certificate is designed for those who anticipate their ministry will be exercised in an unfamiliar cultural context or in a highly multicultural context. In addition to the requirements of the MDiv or MTS programs (provided that they include MI 545 Evangelism and Church Planting in their program), students must complete a further 12 credits in MI or WR courses.


This certificate is intended for those who anticipate that pastoral care and chaplaincy ministry will constitute the majority of their ministry.  In addition to the requirements for the MDiv program, students must complete a further 15 credit hours in the areas of pastoral care and must complete a further 15 credit hours in the area of pastoral care within a CAPPE-approved Clinical Pastoral Education program. 

IN 535 Supervised Pastoral Education (Basic)  6
IN 6535 Supervised Pastoral Education (Advanced)  6
PC 536 Basic Counseling Skills   3
PC 631 Marriage and Family Care   3
PC 632 Crisis Intervention   3
PC 636 Spiritual Direction in Pastoral Care  3

TOTAL CREDITS                 15

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE in Pastoral Leadership

Given that pastoral leadership is crucial for the development of healthy churches, the Certificate in Pastoral Leadership is designed for those who want to sharpen their leadership ability for church leadership.  In addition to the requirements for the MDiv program, students must complete a further 12 credits as specified below.

PC 636 Spiritual Direction in Pastoral Care   3
PL 634 The Pastor as Leader    3
PL electives Pastoral Leadership Electives   6 

TOTAL CREDITS             12

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE in Spiritual Formation

This Certificate in Spiritual Formation will be offered in a Taylor Seminary/Urban Sanctuary partnership. In addition to the requirements of the MDiv, MA in Intercultural Studies or MTS programs, students must complete a further 12 credits, as follows:

Spiritual Formation   (12 credits)
SF 513 Spiritual Formation Models Part 1   3

SF 514 Spiritual Formation Models Part 2   3
plus two of the following four courses:    6
  PC 636    Spiritual Direction in Pastoral Care

  SF 512    History of Spiritual Formation and Prayer
  SF 613    Biblical View of Anthropology and Suffering    
  SF 614    Theology of Sabbath, Rest and Rhythm of Life



Please contact Enrolment Services to inquire about how you can further develop your ministry skills through these Certificate Programs. You can submit a Request for Information or speak to an admissions counsellor at 431-5200 (local) or 1 (800) 567-4988.